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CHEER IN THE NEW YEAR AT NOON!  (December 31, 2018)
sponsored by East Tennessee Pediatric Dentistry

This exciting event allows families in the community to celebrate the upcoming New Year in a kid-friendly environment without disturbing their bedtime! Enjoy holiday inspired, educational crafts and activities! Don’t miss the balloon and ball drop at Noon!

*Exclusive sponsorship opportunities available based on each event i.e. T-shirts, activities, goodie bags

  • Text recognition on all event materials including social media, poster, website event signs
  • Inclusion in press release
  • Mentions from stage
  • 5 complimentary event tickets

  • Text recognition on event materials including social media, poster, website
  • 2 complimentary event tickets

  • Text recognition on event signage, website, and social media
  • Contact hailey@themuseknoxville.org to make an In-Kind donation

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