Staff Profiles

  1. Jennifer Marohn
    Exhibits Coordinator At Muse Since: August 2016 Fun Fact: I was a Veterinary Assistant before I became a mom and long before I started working at The Muse. Favorite Exhibit: It's hard to choose my favorite exhibit at The Muse, because I love them all.
  2. Ellie Kittrell
    Executive Director At Muse Since September 2013 Favorite part of the job: Watching kids play! Favorite Play Space: Make Space and Imagination Playground Fun Fact: I started painting at age 36. I once spent 24 hours in a classroom pretending to be on a space shuttle.
  3. Melody Cox
    Programs Coordinator At Muse Since: August 2014 Fun fact about me: I can fold my tongue into a clover shape! Favorite Exhibit: Star Show in the planetarium. I really enjoy learning more about space, and seeing the stars, moon, and visible planets as they change from season to season.
  4. Alison Melton
    Educator At Muse Since October 2013 I love to get kids excited about science! Fun Fact: I may become an animal hoarder one day. Favorite Exhibit: I like imagination playground because I like seeing all of the unique structures that are created.
  5. Julia Hesse
    Visitor Services Coordinator At Muse Since August 2016 Fun Fact: If I don't eat, I get real hangry-so if I seem cranky, tell me to go eat a granola bar. Favorite Exhibit: Live Smart is my favorite exhibit because of the slide, obviously!
  6. Kayla Arbes
    Playologist At Muse Since August 2016 The best part about my job would have to be getting to interact with all the kids. Fun Fact: I played basketball for 8 years. Favorite Exhibit: Make space is my favorite exhibit at the muse because it's so neat to see all the creative ideas that the kids come up with.
  7. Evelyn Napier
    Outreach Coordinator At Muse Since July 2007 What is the most fun part of your job? Working with educators who share the same passion for teaching children STEAM related concepts & sharing knowledge with students and teachers at a variety of elementary schools. Fun Fact: I am one of eight siblings and was born and raised Southwest Louisiana.
  8. Elizabeth Gall
    Science Garden Coordinator At Muse Since June 2016 What is the most fun part of your job? Engaging with youth when they discover something new. Fun fact: My love of the environment began in 3rd grade when I learned about recycling and why it was important through a speaker from the local recycling center. I carry this with me to remind myself that one small educational experience can change someone’s life.
  9. Kenzie Anders
    Playologist At Muse Since September 2016 Most fun part of my job: Making crafts and art with kids in Make Space. Fun fact: I love solving jigsaw puzzles. Favorite exhibit: The Planetarium, because, you can look at and learn about the stars and planets. You can see and learn the names of the constellations in the night sky.
  10. Bicki Rudd
    Visitor Services Manager At Muse Since November 2013 Favorite part of job: Never dreading going to work. Fun Fact About Me: I love Snoopy! Favorite Exhibit: Light Writers-doodling on the wall with light? Yes!!
  11. Tina Ahnert
    Lead Playologist At Muse Since April 4th 2015 Favorite part of job: Seeing kids use their imagination. Fun Fact About Me: I once had a pet chipmunk. Favorite Exhibit: The RocketShip
  12. Veronica Eksteen
    Playologist At Muse Since April 2016 Favorite part of job: Seeing the creativity of the kids while playing with them. Fun Fact: I am South-African Favorite Exhibit: Make Space or Live Smart Play Well
  13. Alice Moores
    Outreach Teacher At Muse since September 2011 Favorite part of the job: All the kids Fun fact: I love being outside..... and growing things.....and making useful stuff. Favorite exhibit: the gardens
  14. Maggie Whitt
    Outreach Teacher At Muse Since 2015 Favorite part of job: I love seeing kids get excited about science!! Fun Fact: I play tennis. We are using my daughter’s free national park pass that you get in the 4th grade to tour Utah this summer! Favorite Exhibit: Make Space
  15. Andrea Hudson
    Office Manager At Muse Since August 2014 Favorite part of job: The Families and Staff Fun Fact: I love to go camping especially where there is no wifi! Favorite Exhibit: Dramatic Play Stage and Puppets
  16. Lea Parks
    Outreach Educator and Marketing Coordinator At Muse Since July 2013 Favorite part of the job: I love being in the classroom and teaching! Favorite Exhibit: Live Smart: Stay Well
  17. Stephanie Massie
    Development Manager At Muse Since September 2015 Favorite part of the job? I love seeing children and families leave The Muse with a smile on their face! Fun Fact: -My mother named me after Stevie Nicks! I have all of my moms old Stevie Nicks concert T-shirts! Favorite Exhibit: Live Smart: Stay Well- My daughter is 1 and this is her favorite exhibit! I love spending time with her in this space watching her little brain work!
  18. Will Kirkpatrick
    Playologist At Muse Since June 2016 Favorite part of the job: Building ROCKETS!!! Fun Fact: I am a landlocked, ocean-loving, shark fanatic! Favorite Exhibit: Make Space
  19. Lee Wells
    Program Services Coordinator and Educator At Muse since August 2015 Favorite part of the job: Variety, sharing science with all ages, and getting hands on with messy science! Fun fact: I share my home with 3 teenage boys, 4 dogs, 2 fish tanks and 1 guinea pig. Favorite Exhibit: STEM Station air rockets!
  20. Nancy Laurence
    Education Manager At Muse since July 2017 Fun Fact: I have jumped with a horse over a 6'5" fence and both of us lived to tell the tale. My favorite exhibit is the Sound Play because I love hearing children get excited while making music!
  21. Jennifer Smith
    Outreach Educator At Muse since December 2017 My favorite part about teaching is when the “lightbulb” turns on for the student. Seeing their sense of pride and accomplishment when mastering a skill for the first time makes everything worthwhile. Favorite exhibit: “make space”