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​​ Saturday, January 19th, the 2019 Knoxville Women’s March will happen in Chilhowee Park. A crowd in excess of 14,000 is anticipated and parking within all areas of the park (including the Muse lot) are expected to be used. Additional security procedures will be in place. Please see our social media pages for important information if you are planning to attend. Contact us with any questions about visiting the Muse at [email protected] 

Dogwood Arts partners with the Muse Knoxville to produce Art Slam at the Dogwood Arts Festival, now in its 4th year. Art Slam is a live art competition among Knoxville’s up and coming artists. Artists have 3 hours to paint an extra large artwork with a colorful and inspiring design. We have painted doors, canvases and adirondack chairs. There are no design limits, but each artwork must celebrate the art, culture and natural beauty of our region.

Contact Ellie Kittrell at 865-594-1494 X100 or [email protected] for more information.

Art Slam Sponsor Packet
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