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​​ Saturday, January 19th, the 2019 Knoxville Women’s March will happen in Chilhowee Park. A crowd in excess of 14,000 is anticipated and parking within all areas of the park (including the Muse lot) are expected to be used. Additional security procedures will be in place. Please see our social media pages for important information if you are planning to attend. Contact us with any questions about visiting the Muse at [email protected] 
Cub Scout Programming

For a General Troop Outing

Regular Admission: $7 per person, members free

Group rate: Groups of 20 or more (adults + kids, single payment) receive $1 off admission per person plus a Planetarium movie of your choice. Call 865-594-1494 at least 2 weeks in advance to book at this rate.

Add-on Programming 

  • Planetarium Movie ($2, members free) Planetarium Programs
  • Knoxville Skies Star Tour ($2, members free): Our live-guided star tour! See the night sky on the planetarium dome. Can include applicable requirements for Tiger Cub “Sky is the Limit” Elective Adventure.    *Please mention belt loop requests when scheduling.
  • Self-guided Elective Adventure activities in our exhibit space (Free with admission! Leaders are encouraged to visit ahead of time for a guided tour to make plans.)
  • STEM or Science New Badge requirements can also be offered upon request.
  • Private party room or after-hours party room. Call 865-594-1494 and speak to our Party Coordinator for details and prices.

Call 865-594-1494 to and speak to our Field Trip Planner to schedule or email questions to [email protected]

Images: Tiger Cub “Sky is the Limit” belt loop and Muse patches