Cub Scout Programming

For a General Troop Outing

Regular Admission: $7 per person, members free

Group rate: Groups of 20 or more (adults + kids, single payment) receive $1 off admission per person plus a Planetarium movie of your choice. Call 865-594-1494 at least 2 weeks in advance to book at this rate.

Add-on Programming 

  • Planetarium Movie ($2, members free) Planetarium Programs
  • Knoxville Skies Star Tour ($2, members free): Our live-guided star tour! See the night sky on the planetarium dome. Can include applicable requirements for Tiger Cub “Sky is the Limit” Elective Adventure.    *Please mention belt loop requests when scheduling.
  • Self-guided Elective Adventure activities in our exhibit space (Free with admission! Leaders are encouraged to visit ahead of time for a guided tour to make plans.)
  • STEM or Science New Badge requirements can also be offered upon request.
  • Private party room or after-hours party room. Call 865-594-1494 and speak to our Party Coordinator for details and prices.

Call 865-594-1494 to and speak to our Field Trip Planner to schedule or email questions to [email protected]

Images: Tiger Cub “Sky is the Limit” belt loop and Muse patches