Homeschool Field Trip Tips

You Come to Us

Choose from these classroom programs (or we can pick for you):

  • Backyard Naturalist (K-6, Multi-Age Groups OK)  Learn more about East Tennessee animals by examining the signs that they leave behind.  

  • Fur, Feathers, Scales (K-6, Multi-Age Groups OK)  Examine the coverings of reptiles, birds, and mammals. Also learn how some of these coverings insulate their owners from cold and hot temperatures. 

  • What Does It Eat?   (K-6, Multi-Age Groups OK)  Explore nutritional relationships among different animals of East Tennessee by examining their skills and teeth. 

  • In The Garden (K-5, or Multi-Age Groups OK) Where does our food come from? Students will be guided through an exploration of the plant life cycle. Class will tour our Science Garden weather permitting. Not available December, January, or February.  

  • Intro to Engineering (K-5, or Multi-Age Groups OK)  Small groups use simple materials to try a variety of different challenges, each of which has many possible solutions.

  • Speedometry (1-5, or Multi-Age Groups OK)  Experiment with Hot Wheels cars and track! Kids work in small groups to design a system to make cars go fast, complete loops or crash.

  • Float Your Boat (K-5, or Multi-Age Groups OK)  Become a real-life engineer by designing, creating, and testing your own aluminum foil boat!

Choose a planetarium show that fits for the majority of your age range (or we can pick for you).

There is a $90 minimum fee for field trips that include a classroom program.  If you cannot meet this minimum, please ask about combining with another group to avoid the minimum fee.

Preschoolers will skip the classroom and have double play time on the exhibit floor!


(see Field Trip Info)

  • Program Staff are admitted FREE for the field trip.
  • Students (and additional adults or siblings) $6.00 each IF fees are paid through the school/program.*
  • Field trips fees cover scheduled time only.
  • Minimum fee of $90 applies for each field trip booked and a cancellation policy applies (see below).

Things to Know
The fee is $10.00* for each field trip guest paying at the door, separately from the school/program.
Muse Memberships do not cover field trip programs.
Other discounts and coupons do not apply to field trip programming.
Please encourage additional adults to pay through the school.

Field Trip Cancellation Policy
If you must cancel or change your field trip plans, please let us know as soon as possible. Field trips cancelled or postponed with fewer than 14 days' notice will be subject to a $25 administrative fee. "No-show" field trips will be subject to a $50 administrative fee. Cancellations or rescheduled trips due to weather that closes or delays school will not result in a fee. We will make every possible attempt to reschedule trips cancelled because of weather. Late arrivals may result in reduction of field trip programming.


To request a field trip you must complete a date request form.

You will receive a Muse Confirmation email when your trip is on our calendar.
If you do not receive a Muse Confirmation email, the trip is not scheduled.

QUESTIONS? Give us a call 865-594-1494 X 106 or email [email protected]