Lost and Found Policy

If you have recently visited The Muse and suspect you may have left something behind, please contact us right away to see if the item was turned in to the Lost and Found.

If you believe you lost an item at the museum and are still on site, please visit the guest desk to see if your item has been turned in. If it hasn’t been turned in, you can leave your contact information, along with a detailed description of the item, in case it is discovered later.

If you have already left The Muse, or if your child lost an item on a field trip, please call (865) 594-1494. You must be able to provide the approximate date the item was left and a detailed description of the item.

Small toys and trinket items will be held for 7 days.

Larger items, such as larger toys, strollers, jackets, umbrellas, hats, water bottles, etc. will be held for 14 days.

Items of value, such as cameras, cell phones, wallets, and jewelry will be held for 30 days.

After the stated time periods, all items will be donated to KARM stores. Sensitive information will be destroyed.