Muse Outreach Programs make a creative and purposeful gift for your child's classroom!  

What is an Outreach Program?  

The Muse Knoxville team has several certified educators that can deliver hands-on, engaging, content-driven science programs within the classroom at your child's school. Last year we delivered these programs to over 70,000 students in several East TN counties! Each class is approximately 45 minutes long and meets Tennessee educational standards. This means that your child's teacher can work our program into the curriculum planning as an added tool for learning--instead of taking away from this valuable learning time.

The Muse offers a variety of programs for Pre-K through grade 5 so your teacher can find a program that best meets the class' needs. Program options can be found in our Educator Planning Guide HERE.

This year we have created a simple way for families to purchase these programs on behalf of their children's classes or teachers. Each program includes The Muse educator's mileage, prep and clean up time and your teacher's selected program!  Note:  Mobile Starlab programs are not included in this special deal.

Each Outreach Program is $100. Please indicate in the special notes section if you would prefer to have this gift mailed or if you would prefer to pick it up from The Muse guest desk. If mailed, we will include details of the gift in a Muse card along with instructions on how to schedule.  

You may purchase your gift below.  Begin by entering the full name of whom the gift is for and who the gift is from. Select 'Add to Cart' and this will take you to PayPal to process the rest of your order. Please enter the shipping address of where the gift should be mailed.  If you have specified to have your gift picked-up at The Muse guest desk, you will still need to enter a shipping address as a formality.

Outreach Program Gift