Frequently Asked Questions About Parties and Rentals at The Muse Knoxville

  • How Much Do I Have to Pay Up Front? 
    We require a $25 deposit to book. This deposit is non-refundable. The rest of the package balance is not due until you arrive the day of the party. You are welcome to make payments ahead of time, but it is not expected or required. We accept credit/debit cards, cash, and checks.

  • How Many Children Can Attend with the Basic Party Package?                                                                                   15 children are included, ages 2 and up. Any child under 2 is free and not included in the 15 count. Each child over 15 will be an additional $5.

  • Can Adults Without Accompanying Children Attend Parties?
    Yes. All adults invited to your birthday party are welcome and included in the package price, whether with or without children.

  • How Many People Will the Party Room Hold?
    We have comfortably held 50-60 guests in our party room. Most birthday parties average around 20-40 guests. There are 2 long tables with benches and chairs lining our wall for additional seating.

  • What is the Arrival Procedure? 
    When you arrive for your party, you will check in with our Party Coordinator and staff at the front desk. We will give each adult a wristband. You are welcome to grab a black cart designated for your party to use to unload anything you have brought. Our staff will then direct you to the party room or to the exhibit floor, depending on your party schedule.

  • How Much Time will I Have to Set Up the Party Room? 
    We guarantee 10 minutes to finish setting up the room; however, we will already have the room cleaned, setup, and any decorations/table coverings we’re providing in place. We also bring your cart of belongings into the room and set up gifts, food, etc. before you even enter the room.

  • How Much Time will I Have to Clean Up After the Party? 
    A staff member will come in to the party room to help you begin cleaning and packing up 5 minutes before your room time is over. We can also provide you with a 10 minute warning, if that will be helpful. Staff will help you gather your belongings and load them onto a cart. We will take care of all the clean up, including vacuuming, wiping tables/benches, trash, etc.

  • Can my Guests and I Arrive Before My Scheduled Party Time? 
    Yes! Our party packages include all-day admission for you and your guests. You are welcome to arrive to play before your hour in the room, as well as stay afterward to play.

  • Can I Bring in Outside Food and Drink?                                                                                                                  Absolutely! While we do have options for you to purchase some food items through us, you are welcome to bring in your own food, cake, drinks, etc. We only ask that you not bring any alcohol into the museum.

  • Is Ice Provided in the Party Package? 
    No, we do not. Our freezer needs the space to hold ice cream! You are welcome to bring 1-2 bags of ice, but please no more without your own cooler.

  • If I Arrive Early, is There Somewhere I Can Store my Food and Drinks? 
    Yes! We do have a fridge and freezer for you to use if you’re arriving before your party room time. Please do keep in mind that it is one fridge for all parties and we will do our very best to accommodate your needs.

  • Are Hanging Decorations Allowed?                                                                                                                                        Yes! We have command hooks and tape to hang any decorations you may bring in. Several staff will help you hang decor and setup the party room.

  • Are Pinatas Allowed? 
    No. While pinatas are fun, our party space and the time provided just makes hanging and cleaning up from the pinata too stressful for both staff and party hosts.

  • I'm a Muse Member. Do I Get any Discounts?                                                                                                                        You sure do! Muse members save 15% on both the Basic and Premium packages, as well as any STEAM-tastic add-on activity. The only things not covered by the member discount are the Make It Easy, A La Carte, and additional children/guests.

  • How Far in Advance Should I Book my Party? 
    We recommend booking at least a month or 2 in advance. The winter months tend to book up much faster than summer months. You can always check our current availability on the website calendar or by calling or emailing our Party Coordinator.

  • Will There be a Staff Member Available to Help with my Party?                                                                        Absolutely! If you need one of our awesome Party Pals to help hand out pizza, cut cake, etc., just let us know! We are more than happy to help with whatever you need.

  • Do You Provide Invitations?                                                                                                                                                      Yes! Simply let our Party Coordinator know and they will send you a PDF via email to print as you wish.

  • Are Party Favors Available?                                                                                                                                                              Yes! We offer goody bags that are solely unique to The Muse and even include 3D printed objects printed in our very own MakeSpace. These goody bags are $40 for a set of 15. If you’d like goody bags made, simply ask our Party Coordinator.

  • Can the Party be for More than One Child? 
    Yes! There is no extra fee for extra birthday kiddos. You can even do a “split” room with different decors and table covering colors. Our Party Coordinator will help with planning.

  • What About the Planetarium Show?                                                                                                                                           Our party packages include a planetarium show for you and your guests. There is a set show time that coincides with each party room hour. You will get to choose the particular show when you book your party. Our shows are between 25-35 minutes long. They are educational kid-friendly movies shown on our planetarium dome ceiling. Kiddos will learn about stars, the solar system, telescopes, the sun, etc. You can choose not to include the show if you’d like. Kiddos under the age of 4 may get scared or not want to sit through the show.

  • Can I Rent the Space for Anything Other than a Birthday Party? 
    Yes, we do! You can rent our museum for a family fun night, an end of the school year gathering, a corporate social event, you name it! For private rentals, our rate is $125 per half hour or $250 per hour. Our building’s capacity is about 175 people. Contact our Party Coordinator for more details and options.