OCTOBER 14, 2017
6:00-9:00 PM Market Square / All Ages / Free

The Muse and partners will bring science to life in the heart of Downtown Knoxville in Market Square. The FREE event welcomes people of all ages to compete in a variety of robotics competitions, create in the Lowe's global cardboard challenge and enjoy some live 'busker science' demonstrations sponsored by Arconic.

The Robot Battles

The Market Square stage and will be taken over by Sumo Bot and Killswitch Robot Battles!  Battles will be shown on a large screen for the public audience to join in on the fun!  The battles are for youth and adults alike in the following categories throughout the event:

LEGO SUMOBot ( Tournament Details and Registration )

SUMOBot OPEN ( Tournament Details and Registration )

KILLSWITCH BATTLE BOTS with Knox Makers (Visit Knox Makers for details on how to join!)

What is Killswitch?  Imagine robots small enough to fit in a breadbox. Robots that are handmade, remote-controlled, and relatively low-cost. Robots that are designed to kill each other. We invite you to watch (and scream like lunatics) while our beloved machines violently disassemble each other. You might say it's an extended metaphor for the troubled relationship between technology and humanity. We call it KILLSWITCH.

The Global Cardboard Challenge sponsored by Lowe's

Give a child a cardboard box and some inspiration and imagination comes to life.  We call this Creative Play, and fueling it is one of the most important things we can do to prepare children for the future.  It develops valuable 21st century skills and prepares kids to be next-generation innovators.  Inspired by the short film, 'Caine's Arcade' , the Global Cardboard Challenge invites all ages to build anything they can dream up using cardboard, recycled materials and imagination!

Join us in the heart of Market Square for the Lowe's Cardboard Challenge.  All ages are welcome to explore, imagine and create with a variety of tools, craft materials, and of course--cardboard!  You are welcome to take your creations home, recycle them, or donate them as a community art-piece.  A near-by photobooth will offer a chance to show off your creation and share it with the world! 

Busker Science sponsored by Arconic

The Muse is putting a twist on the busker talent we get to experience in Market Square with a series of Pop-Up science demonstrations and interactive experiments.  UTK Chemistry students will also be making liquid Nitrogen ice cream!  
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