Option Three

Asynchronous Virtual Lesson

Keep materials

Utilized asynchronous instruction using Muse-Educator-led YouTube videos and lessons. The value of this Option is $30 per kit with 15% off orders of 15 or more kits.

Virtual Learning

Access videos when it is convenient for you and your students.

Re-usable Materials Tote

A tote of materials will be delivered directly to your school, for you to keep and use year after year.

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STEAM Structures

Grade | K – 5th

While working through several challenges, children will learn about the Engineering Design Process. Each task is designed to encourage flexibility of thought & perseverance. In this introduction to engineering, students will work in pairs to complete up to 10 building challenges using materials like sticks, cubes, and cups.

STEAM Material List
  • Book
  • Mini red cups
  • Wooden cubes
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Clothes pins
  • Binder clips
  • Storage bag
  • Engineering Design Process Poster

Fantastic flight

Grade | 2nd – 5th

Your students will learn about our night sky and explore our solar system! Your students work in small groups to explore concepts such as the tilt of the earth, changes in the day lengths, seasons, and will create a pocket solar system. Students will work in small groups and rotate through 4 hands-on stations will appear.

Flight Material List
  • Book
  • Hovercraft materials
  • Paper target
  • Reaction Rocket
  • Safety goggles
  • Balloon helicopter
  • Pipette
  • Seltzer rocket
  • paper
  • Paper helicopter template
  • Muse paper rocket template
  • Parachute​

Circling circuits

Grade | 2nd – 5th

Electricity can sometimes seem like magic, but you can learn the science behind it by completing a few simple experiments! Students will test conducting and insulating materials, learn the difference between current and static electricity and compare parallel and series circuits, and more. Kit contains 6 lessons.

Circuit Material List
  • Book
  • Propellers
  • Motor
  • Wire leads w/alligator clips
  • D cell battery
  • Battery holder
  • Light bulb
  • Light bulb holder
  • Mini lights
  • Switch
  • Balloon
  • Nail
  • 15″ length of copper wire
  • Paper clips
  • Penny
  • Plastic chip
  • Aluminum foil
  • Foam

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