The Muse is Knoxville's only children's science museum!  
With a focus on STEM, the arts, wellness and emergent literacy, The Muse Knoxville provides learning experiences with excellence through the power of play.

  1. U.S.S. Muse (All Ages)
    U.S.S. Muse (All Ages)
    Set your mission and LAUNCH in our the U.S.S. Muse Planetary Explorer!
  2. STEM Station (8+)
    STEM Station (8+)
    An obstacle course for the mind! Interactive, inquiry-based, multi-user, multi-outcome exhibits on a variety of STEM topics!
  3. Strong Alley  (3+)
    Strong Alley (3+)
    Make YOUR Mark using laser writers or your phone flashlight on the phosphorescent walls of Strong Alley!
  4. Live Smart: Stay Well! (Crawlers+)
    Live Smart: Stay Well! (Crawlers+)
    Develop lifelong healthy habits while you learn to EAT SMART, PLAY SMART, and BE WELL! This area also has a protective 'Nest' for crawlers that includes tummy-time activities and fun!
  5. Perform and Play (2+)
    Perform and Play (2+)
    Explore your musical talents on our slap organ and laser harp! Follow patterns and name that tune and compose your own music. Set the backdrop and find the perfect costume to showcase your stage performance.
  6. Sound Play (3+)
    Sound Play (3+)
    Do you hear that? Discover the science of sound and hearing through musical play with the Laser Harp, Slap Organ, and more!
  7. Make Space (4+)
    Make Space (4+)
    Do you have a tinkerer in the house? Kids and parents are encouraged to create together in this continually-changing place, with an open assortment of materials and tools to tinker and try. What will you create?
  8. Science Garden (All Ages)
    Science Garden (All Ages)
    Check out our real, live garden that uses pallets and raised beds to grow organic crops. Go out the back door of the main exhibit floor to discover the garden, whisper dishes, levers and pulleys, music wall, and bubbles!
  9. Outdoor Playground (3+)
    Outdoor Playground (3+)
    Get outside and play! Enjoy the outdoor playground, musical instruments and picnic tables just outside The Muse as part of your trip!
  10. A-Mazing Airways (2+)
    A-Mazing Airways (2+)
    Kids and grown ups can learn about airflow and the circulatory system through larger-than-life air tubes, high-performance air systems, interactive diverter boxes, and soaring manipulatives of all shapes and sizes!