4th Grade Field Trips

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An animated gif of bear paws


How do scientists decide the difference between a wolf and a coyote, or a sunflower and a coneflower? We will find out in this lesson on the diversity of life!

Coding with Color

Learn to code with indi by Sphero! Using color as commands, beginner computational thinking, and problem solving, students will design their own course for their “car” to travel.

Exploring Ecosystems

Be an aquatic ecologist for a day! Students will learn how organisms rely on each other in an ecosystem, then focus on a local aquatic ecosystem. With a small group, they will test water samples from Chilhowee Park, and determine if the water is balanced enough for the organisms that call it home.
an animated gif of a bee flying around a beehive

Buzz! Pollination!

Students will learn why pollination is important, the physical traits of pollinators and their plant partners, and how bees, our most important pollinator, collect nectar, transfer pollen, and support their hive through the amazing process of pollination! Students will end the lesson with a grade appropriate experiment extending on the process of pollination.

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