1st Grade Outreach

1st Grade Outreach

Read the descriptions then fill out the form for your program. For more information, we welcome you to contact Mary Bartlett at marybartlett@themuseknoxville.org.

Bats: Heroes of the Night

From helpless embryos to high-flying adults, students learn about the bat’s unique body parts and their basic needs as they grow. Everyone will have fun “flying” and using echolocation to catch insects. Learn how native Tennessee bats compare to those around the world.

Make Some Waves: Light

Investigate light and/or sound waves. Experiences waves using interactive tools like prisms, tuning forks, and little Bits. 1st and 2nd grade will have make and take activities.

Spectacular Space

Students will explore the movement of stars and constellations, as well as objects in our solar system, such as moons, asteroids, comets and galaxies, all from our view on Earth. Use experiments to explore concepts such as the tilt of the Earth, changes in day length seasons, and positions of the Earth, Moon and Sun.

Fairy Tale Engineering

Connect with a character from children’s literature who solves a problem. Explore different materials and solve engineering challenges!

What's the BUZZ About Coding?

Explore the basics of robotics and coding with games and BeeBot, the programmable robot for kids! This class requires open floor space for each student group.

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