2nd Grade Outreach

Read the descriptions then fill out the form for your program. For more information, we welcome you to contact Mary Bartlett at outreach@themuseknoxville.org.
An animated gif of a line waveform

Make Some Waves: Sound

Experience how sound waves move and interact with the world around us.
Animated gif of a flying bat

Bats: Heroes of the Night

Discover how these nocturnal mammals seek food, find shelter, and navigate their environments.

Animal Adapations

Observe the world of animals’ physical and behavioral characteristics that help them grow and survive in their diverse environments.
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What's the BUZZ about Coding?

Explore the basics of robotics and coding with games and BeeBot, a programmable robot for kids. This class requires open floor space for each student group.
Animated gif of a pencil moving up and down in front of a ruler with a turning gear graphic rotating behind both objects.

STEM Structures

Collaborate with a partner to complete a set of engineering challenges.
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COMING SOON Empathy Explorers

Students will explore empathy through brain and STEM challenges.

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