4th Grade Outreach

Read the descriptions then fill out the form for your program. For more information, we welcome you to contact Mary Bartlett at outreach@themuseknoxville.org.

Full of Energy

Explore Newton’s Laws of Motion through creation and play.
A line art animated gif of a dinosaur skull

Fun with Fossils

Discover how paleontologists use fossil evidence to piece together the fascinating puzzle of the dinosaurs.
An animated gif of a line waveform

Make Some Waves: Light & Sound

Experiences how light and sound waves travel and interact with the world around us.
Animated gif of a pencil moving up and down in front of a ruler with a turning gear graphic rotating behind both objects.

STEM Structures

Collaborate with a partner to complete a set of engineering challenges.
An animated gif of a sailboat on top of a wave

Float Your Boat

Construct a boat through the engineering design process.

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