4th Grade Outreach

4th Grade Outreach

Read the descriptions then fill out the form for your program. For more information, we welcome you to contact Mary Bartlett at marybartlett@themuseknoxville.org.

Full of Energy

Science and fun collide in this action-packed lesson! How can we observe Newton’s Laws in the classroom? With the instructor as the guideHello, this lesson is sure to get students on the move.

Fun With Fossils

How do we know that dinosaurs existed? Students will work in groups to discover how paleontologists use fossil evidence to piece together the fascinating puzzle of the dinosaurs!

Make Some Waves: Light & Sound

Investigate light and/or sound waves. Experiences waves using interactive tools like prisms, tuning forks, and little Bits. 1st and 2nd grade will have make and take activities.

STEAM Structures

In this introduction to engineering, students will attempt several building challenges using simple materials like sticks, cubes, and cups. Students collaborate and communicate with a small group to create a solution.

Float Your Boat

Become a real-life engineer by designing, creating, and testing an aluminum foil boat! Students will learn about the engineering design process, prototyping, the value of failure and iteration, data collection, and collaboration in this STEAM class.

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