5th Grade Outreach

Read the descriptions then fill out the form for your program. For more information, we welcome you to contact Mary Bartlett at outreach@themuseknoxville.org.
A line art animated gif of a dinosaur skull

Fun with Fossils

Discover how paleontologists use fossil evidence to piece together the fascinating puzzle of the dinosaurs.
An animated gif of DNA

Heredity & Traits

Explore the science of inherited and acquired traits.
Animated gif of an atom

Solid, Liquid, Gas

Experiment with the three states of matter to watch them change states.
Animated gif of rocket flying past the planet saturn

Spectacular Space

Identify and compare objects in our solar system, such as moons, asteroids, comets, and galaxies all from our view on Earth.

Animated gif of a pencil moving up and down in front of a ruler with a turning gear graphic rotating behind both objects.

STEM Structures

Collaborate with a partner to complete a set of engineering challenges.

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